Terminals Reagan Airport (DCA)

At DCA airport there are two different Terminals: A and B/C.


Terminal A

It has gates from 1 to 9. Is provided with a new expanded TSA security point. It houses Air Canada, Frontier, Southwest and Sun Country Airlines. The terminal connects directly with the Parking and Rental Car through a pedestrian walkway. Shuttle bus service is available.


Terminal B and C

Are the largest and newest terminals at DCA airport. In total, both terminals houses 36 gates and have three concourses.


- Terminal B: has gates 10-22. Serves to Alaska, Delta, Delta Shuttle and United.

- Terminal B/C: has gates 23-34. Serves American, American Shuttle, JetBlue and Virgin America. It connects directly with the Metro Station (Level 2). Baggage Claim is at Level 1.

- Terminal C: has gates 35-45 and hosts American Airlines only.


Both terminals B and C connect with their respective parking lots.

Shuttle bus service is available.


The popular National Hall corresponds to the hall/corridor that connects the 3 concourses of Terminal B, C.


Terminals A, B and C are provided with several services and facilities such as:

- ATMs/Cash Machines

- Escalators, Elevators

- Hotel and Motel information

- Police

- Ticketing, etc.


It is announced a new North Concourse to Terminal B and C that will host 14 regional jet gates. A new Secure National Hall is planned as well.