The Metrorail station at Ronald Reagan Airport connects directly with the concourse of Terminals B and C.


It is an elevated outdoor platform and provides service to the Blue and Yellow Lines.


Metrorail connects with Virginia, Washington and Maryland.


The total trip time to Union Station is about 22 minutes.




See below how to get to the Metrorail station location from the airport terminals:


  • Terminal A: Outside the terminal facilities, board any airport shuttle bus. Once at the bus, stop at Terminal B & C or at Parking Garages B and C and get across an enclosed bridge to get to the Metrorail station.


  • Terminal B & C: It is really easy to get to Metrorail station from Terminal B and C, since they are united to it by a couple of pedestrian bridges.




See below the fixed fares to downtown Union Station:


Peak fare: $2.85

Off-peak: $2.45

Senior Disables or Medicare Fare: $1.40



Where do I buy my ticket?

To ride any Metrorail train, please purchase your fare card at the machines located at all the Airport Metrorail Station entrances.


For further information, please visit Metrorail website, or call +1 202 637-7000.